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A Letter to Our Members

Dear National Council Members:

The NCFS has plans for a very productive 2013, but first let me reflect for a moment on 2012.

The National Council on Fireworks Safety chose to scale back on some activities in 2012 in an effort to build up our treasury to a more workable level.  2012 was a troubled year financially for the fireworks industry as a whole, with a troubled economy, drought issues plaguing many companies, donations were down for the Council.  Therefore, I along with the Board chose to forego the FDIC convention, by far our most expensive event, and instead made an effort to attend all major organization events.  We had a booth at the APA, NFA and PGI as well as the Texas Pyrotechnic Association Expo.  We had booths at six company demo spots in various states and cities throughout the country, giving safety demos to children at each event, as well as handing out safety materials to our members for their businesses.  This I believe kept our name out to everyone and let them know that we are an active organization that works to educate the public on fireworks safety.

In addition we put out press releases to the public during both the January and July time frames, weeks in advance of the sales dates, as well as doing press interviews during those times.  Both I and Ralph Apel accepted interviews and conducted over 100 media interviews during the Fourth of July season.
There were over 200 media outlets that printed articles referring to the NCFS Safety Tips during the Fourth of July season 2012.

In December we had the tremendous loss of our dear friend and colleague Robert Flanagan.  Robert was such an active member of the NCFS Board and his absence will be a huge void.

In addition to all of the things we accomplished in 2012, we will also add back in our attending the FDIC in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 24-27 and the Fire Expo in Harrisburg, PA on May 17-19, 2013.

The Council has contracted Ralph Apel to be our spokesperson for press interviews and to assist at the Trade Show Booth events.  Ralph is the perfect person for this position having had many years experience working with the NCFS and in the fireworks industry, his knowledge is outstanding.

At times when the press releases go out and the press wants interviews the Board members are often too busy with their respective businesses to devote their time to an interview.  I know that Ralph will be able to devote more time and detail to the interviews, thus giving the best possible information in a positive format to the public.

We appointed Shan English, a former Texas Fire Official and Fire Chief to the National Council Board of Directors.  Shan has already shed important insight into our plans based on the fire departments views and ways to better get their acceptance.

The NCFS has updated and refreshed the National Council’s website.  If you have not been on the site recently, please do check it out.  It has a fresh new look.

A committee has been addressed to drought situations in finding ways to work with fire officials and the media to better educate them on what we are doing.  We want them to realize that we do everything possible to provide the public with fireworks safety materials and instructions, and to let them know that we abide by all rules set by the authorities and urge all residents to do likewise.

We continue to add new members to the National Council’s Membership list and work hard to encourage firework companies to support Safety training such as ours.

Without donors like you, none of this would be possible.  I want to personally thank you again for your tremendous support over the years and for your generous donations that have helped to make our goals attainable.


Best Regards,
Nancy Blogin, President
National Council on Fireworks Safety

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