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National Council on Fireworks Safety Cautions Consumers Not to Let Halloween Turn Into a Fright Night

Washington, D.C.   Fireworks are not just for celebrating the 4th of July anymore says Nancy Blogin, President of the National Council on Fireworks Safety.   Some cities and states allow their use by consumers on many occasions, including Halloween.

 If consumers are going to use fireworks to celebrate the Halloween holiday, it is important to be educated about fireworks safety.  President Blogin reminds consumers that it is important to know your fireworks, have a designated shooter for your backyard display and use common sense so that you have a safe holiday.  It is also very important that consumers not use professional fireworks or illegal explosives.

President Blogin also reminds consumers to read the cautionary statements and performance descriptions on each firework label and be familiar with the National Council on Fireworks Safety recommended safety tips.   These tips and a safety video can be found at the National Council’s website at

Enjoy the Halloween holiday with fireworks, but use them safely and responsibly!

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